Monthly Archives: May 2022

REI Connects with Customers for Virtual Outfitting

Creating personalized experiences that connect at-home shoppers with the same level of service they would get in-store is omnichannel gold. How can @Microsoft Teams help? Read the customer success story to learn how and contact a Teknologik Microsoft Teams expert for a face-to-face consultation.
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Innovative Solar Panel Manufacturer Builds a Solid Foundation for Future Growth on Azure

When you produce highly efficient, reliable solar panels that provide people with clean and affordable solar power, it stands to reason you'd want a highly efficient, long-term network infrastructure. Read how after choosing @Microsoft Azure Cloud, it's been nothing but sunny skies for the REC Group. Brighten up your organization's future by contacting a Teknologik @Microsoft Security expert to discuss next steps.
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Mobile Threat Defense Best Practices

Stop leaving your business vulnerable to threats from mobile devices. What does Teknologik suggest? Start by watching this video showing how to enable Mobile Threat Defense in @Microsoft Security Defender for Endpoint by deploying three simple best practices. #ThreatProtection #CyberSecurity #ThreatIntelligence
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