Monthly Archives: August 2021

Microsoft Suffolk Construction Customer Story

When Suffolk Construction needed to streamline their operations and empower intuitive, efficient teamwork, they turned to Microsoft. Now, they enjoy cutting-edge collaborative design capabilities and video-conference experiences never before possible. Watch this video and contact Teknologik to learn more.
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How to avoid cloud migration pitfalls

Most businesses rely on the cloud for their storage and innovation needs but are only at the beginning of their cloud journey. Read this article from #Forbes to learn how to develop a full vision and plan for your future in cloud innovation, and contact Teknologik to learn more.
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Accelerate developer velocity using any platform, any language, and any cloud

Teams that adopt DevOps culture, practices, and tools become high-performing—building better products faster for greater customer satisfaction. This improved collaboration and productivity is essential to achieve business goals such as accelerating time to market, adapting to the market and competition, maintaining system stability and reliability, and improving the mean time to recovery. Subscribe to stay connected. We'll help you learn more about Azure DevOps with GitHub and Visual Studio from Microsoft
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